Synergistic STEM+CT Learning

Exploiting the synergies of science and computational modeling has the potential to bring about a fundamental change in the way that science learning occurs. Computing knowledge and skills provide the foundation for modern competency in a multitude of STEM-related fields, offering us a unique and timely opportunity to develop computer-based learning environments that leverage the synergies between STEM and computing education, and bring a learning by modeling and problem-solving approach to support learning with understanding that is active and engaging.

Our C2STEM Environment

C2STEM is a multi-institutional project that employs Evidence-Centered Design (ECD) Principles to design and develop a Collaborative, Computational STEM (C2STEM) learning environment. C2STEM employs a novel learning-by-modeling paradigm that combines visual programming with domain specific modeling languages (DSMLs) to promote disciplinary (e.g., Physics, Earth Science) computational modeling, while providing synergistic learning of discipline-specific and CS (CT) concepts and practices.

Our Current STEM Domains

  • Physics

    Our current curriculum mostly covers Newton’s first and second laws of motion, including units in Kinematics: 1D motion (with acceleration), 2D motion with constant velocity, and 2D motion with gravitational forces, and one in mechanics: an introductory unit on 1D Force.

    Demo Models
  • Marine Biology

    Our Marine Biology curriculum introduces students to the impact of climate change on coral reefs. Students learn about symbiotic relationships and ecosystem changes through units on the impact of increasing ocean temperatures and changes in pH levels.

    Demo Models
  • Earth Science

    Our Earth Science computational models are created in coordination with the SPICE project, an NSF project integrating science, engineering, and CT to teach earth science through models to elementary school students via the WISE software and C2STEM.

    Demo Models

Bring C2STEM to Your School

We work closely with teachers and administrators to design curriculum and assessments that not only support national frameworks, but are designed for each classroom. We would love your input! To learn more about our models, curriculum, and assessments, and to review expert code, please register for or log in to our dashboard, below!

Our Team

Our diverse team is made up of researchers, teachers and
software engineers from institutions across the United States.