C2STEM is a multi-institutional project that employs Evidence-Centered Design (ECD) Principles to design and develop a Collaborative, Computational STEM (C2STEM) learning environment. C2STEM employs a novel learning-by-modeling paradigm that combines visual programming with domain specific modeling languages (DSMLs) to promote disciplinary (e.g., Physics, Earth Science) computational modeling, while providing synergistic learning of discipline-specific and CS (CT) concepts and practices.

  • Challenge-based, ECD of STEM curricula to meet NGSS & state science standards.
  • Low threshold, wide walls, high ceiling: accomplished through domain-specific block structured languages to support learning.
  • Coupled multi-level representations to support learning: conceptual modeling & inquiry components offer new forms of decomposing & exploring STEM domain.
  • Synergistic Learning: emphasis on integrating CT with existing science curricula - complementary approach to CSforAll!
  • Integrated assessment of STEM & CT: Utilize ECD & Preparation for Future Learning assessments for measuring learning gains & characterizing learning processes.
  • Collaborative model building for enhancing interpersonal & problem-solving skills.
  • Teacher collaboration to align with classroom curricula & activities.